This Agreement was executed by and between, a company located at …………………………………………………………. (hereinafter will be referred as “COMPANY”) and ……………………………………..,  with the Identity Number …………………………………………. and located at the address of  in ……………………………………. (Hereinafter will be referred as "PARTICIPANT") upon mutual agreement of the parties and on the following terms and conditions.



“PARTICIPANT” shall mean …………………………,

“COMPANY” shall mean ………....................... ...............................

“SHOW” shall mean the Television Show with the reality concept of PARTICIPANTS going to Turkey for medical services under the name of VISIT TOBE TREATED (V&T) or any other, which is going to be produced by COMPANY or one of its affiliates or any other entity that is to be in cooperation with COMPANY

“MEDICAL COMPANIES” shall mean ……………………………………………………………………. the medical companies that are going to provide the medical services in Turkey.

“Contract” shall mean the contract hereby entered into between PARTICIPANT and COMPANY

“Parties” shall mean COMPANY and PARTICIPANT



The object of the contract consist of regulation of the interaction between Parties regarding the SHOW in which arranges PARTICIPANT to go to Turkey for medical services while being on recorded on film or any other form of media to be used on a Television Production. PARTICIPANT agrees to participate in the SHOW, according to the instructions of COMPANY or any other entity that is in cooperation with COMPANY and the conditions stated on this Contract. COMPANY shall provide an arrangement for PARTICIPANT to come to Turkey and arrange a meeting with the MEDICAL COMPANIES.  COMPANY is not responsible for the decisions of MEDICAL COMPANIES, therefore shall not be responsible for MEDICAL COMPANIES’ actions such as not meeting with the PARTICIPANT. PARTICIPANT fully understands and agrees that COMPANY does not provide medical services and is not responsible for the medical services or any other medical related subject.



PARTICIPANT fully understands that COMPANY is not a medical service provider and does not in any way agree to provide health care. COMPANY’s services are only limited to arranging the Television Production and COMPANY shall not be deemed as a medical or any related services provider.

PARTICIPANT shall inform of any medical conditions that he or she has to COMPANY. PARTICIPANT agrees that, COMPANY has the right to ask for any medical data from PARTICIPANT or investigate at its own discretion from any sources at its disposal and may choose to use or publicize them. PARTICIPANT hereby declare and confirms that he or she has no contagious or sexually transmitted diseases. PARTICIPANT shall inform COMPANY if she is pregnant. If PARTICIPANT gets pregnant or sick with a contagious or sexually transmitted diseases after the acceptance of this CONTRACT, PARTICIPANT shall notify COMPANY immediately. 

If any, medical services will be provided and rendered by MEDICAL COMPANIES. MEDICAL COMPANIES may choose not to treat the PARTICIPANT, or have any procedures done, at their sole discretion. PARTICIPANT fully understands and agrees that, MEDICAL COMPANIES may choose not to treat PARTICIPANT or have a meeting with the PARTICIPANT.

COMPANY shall not be responsible for any damages that may incur due to the medical services provided for the SHOW. PARTICIPANT fully understands that, MEDICAL COMPANIES are the only ones responsible for any medical services rendered.

PARTICIPANT shall not object to the medical decisions given by the MEDICAL COMPANIES regarding health situations of PARTICIPANT.  In any case, if PARTICIPANT refuses to accept the medical decision or the application of such decision, PARTICIPANT shall compensate any direct or indirect damages that may incur on COMPANY.



After application, PARTICIPANT agrees to act under the instructions of COMPANY or any other entity that is in cooperation with COMPANY regarding the SHOW.  COMPANY may choose to request the presence of PARTICIPANT under the terms of this agreement for three (3) years after the initial broadcast of the last episode of the SHOW (i.e., the last episode of the SHOW as a whole, not as from the last episode or chapter) for reasons such as, but not limited to, the evolution of PARTICIPANT’s treatment or to present the impact of the treatment on PARTICIPANT’s life after the SHOW.  Participation under these terms entitles the COMPANY to request limiting the interaction between PARTICIPANT and his or her partner, family, friends or any other related people.  PARTICIPANT fully understands that, this is not a labor contract. In the case that, COMPANY’s instructions are in conflict with the conditions stated on this contract, COMPANY’s more recent oral or written instruction regarding the SHOW supersedes the earlier regulation.

PARTICIPANT shall not object to the instructions given by COMPANY  and even without any instruction PARTICIPANT shall show its utmost effort in respect to any material related to the SHOW including but not limited to cameras, microphones, decorations or places that are used for the SHOW.

PARTICIPANT shall not bear clothes with logos or other trademarks or publicize, advertise, promote any kind of entity, except when expressly allowed by COMPANY.

COMPANY, at its own discretion, may send the PARTICIPANT to ………………… at any given time. PARTICIPANT understands and agrees that no compensation will be awarded for such decision of COMPANY.



Any content obtained regarding the SHOW, including the copyright and all other rights therein, shall be the sole and exclusive property of COMPANY, and PARTICIPANT grants and assigns to COMPANY all rights of any nature regarding the content. The content may be used, broadcast, exhibited, distributed, advertised or otherwise exploited by such means and for such purposes (including without limitation merchandising, and commercial and non-commercial purposes) and in any and all media, now known or hereafter devised (including without limitation television, theatrical or non theatrical exhibition, cassettes, discs and other home video devices, the Internet and other on-line or computer-assisted media, and print media), as COMPANY designates throughout the world, in perpetuity, at any time and from time to time, whether as part of the SHOW or otherwise. The content may be edited, cut, rearranged, adapted, dubbed or otherwise revised or modified for any such purposes by COMPANY in its’ sole discretion. PARTICIPANT hereby grants to COMPANY the perpetual and worldwide right to use PARTICIPANT’s name, likeness, photograph, caricature, voice and biographical material in connection with the production, exhibition, advertising, merchandising and other exploitation of the content, whether as part of the SHOW or otherwise, or in connection with the exploitation of any subsidiary and ancillary rights therein, COMPANY’s business activities and the business activities of the networks, stations, sponsors, and other users and exhibitors of the content and/or the SHOW for any purpose including, without limitation, for any commercial purpose.



PARTICIPANT irrevocably grants to COMPANY the right to interview, videotape, film and record such interviews, statements and appearances therein, including PARTICIPANT’s name, voice and likeness, and if selected by COMPANY to be a participant in the SHOW, COMPANY has the rights to videotape, film, portray and photograph PARTICIPANT and PARTICIPANT’s actions and record PARTICIPANT’s voice and other sound effects further in connection with the production of the SHOW on an up-to-a-24- hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week basis  whether PARTICIPANT is aware or unaware of such videotaping, filming or recording, and by requiring PARTICIPANT to wear a microphone at all times). If used, COMPANY may choose to blur any content for the SHOW. PARTICIPANT irrevocably grants and releases to COMPANY, in perpetuity and throughout the world, the exclusive right, to depict, portray and represent PARTICIPANT and PARTICIPANT’s life and all episodes, exploits, events, incidents, situations and experiences contained in or associated or related to PARTICIPANT’s life (including without limitation PARTICIPANT’s experiences in connection with the SHOW) in theatrical motion pictures, television programs and series, theatrical stage presentations, radio, other audio, visual, audio-visual, and/or print productions, books and other print publications, the production, reproduction, exhibition, broadcast, distribution, advertising, promotion and other exploitation of the productions in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter devised, and in the exercise of all subsidiary, allied and ancillary rights (e.g., remake, sequel, theatrical, television, radio, publishing, merchandising and other similar rights) in the productions. COMPANY may depict, portray PARTICIPANT and PARTICIPANT’s either accurately or with such liberties and modifications as COMPANY determines necessary in its sole discretion for the purposes of fictionalization, dramatization or any other purposes, including without limitation to achieve a humorous or satirical effect including ways in which PARTICIPANT may be depicted in an unfavorable light, and by means of actors who may or may not resemble PARTICIPANT. PARTICIPANT hereby grants to COMPANY the perpetual and worldwide right to use PARTICIPANT’s name, likeness, photograph, caricature, voice and biographical material in connection with the production, exhibition, advertising, merchandising and other exploitation of any and all productions, and all rights therein.



COMPANY may choose to prepare a set-up event or ask PARTICIPANT to act on certain way for the SHOW such as, but not limited to, debates regarding medical decisions, arguments with, if any, PARTICIPANT’s partner. PARTICIPANT shall obey COMPANY’s instructions regarding these set-up events. COMPANY has the right to present the events as it chooses by montage, distortion or any other means at COMPANY’s sole discretion.



PARTICIPANT understands that any appearance that PARTICIPANT may make on the SHOW is strictly for the purpose of participating in the SHOW as a participant. Except as specifically provided herein or as otherwise authorized by COMPANY, PARTICIPANT shall not use or discuss with any party or disclose to any party any information or trade secrets obtained or learned as a result of the participation, if any, in the SHOW, including without limitation any information concerning or relating to the SHOW, the contestants, the events contained in the SHOW or the outcome of the SHOW or the method(s) of production of the SHOW or any sponsors of the SHOW, for a period from the date of this Contract until three (3) years after the initial broadcast of the last episode of the SHOW (i.e., the last episode of the SHOW as a whole, not as from the last episode or chapter). Notwithstanding the foregoing, PARTICIPANT shall not, at any time, publicize, advertise or promote his or her own appearance, if any, on the SHOW, or receive or generate any monetary advantage from his or her own appearance.



COMPANY, at its own discretion, may choose to broadcast any or none of the content obtained regarding the SHOW. COMPANY has no obligation to promote, broadcast, or obtain any content regarding PARTICIPANT. COMPANY has the right to broadcast any content in any media that is available at the moment, or derived at the future.



COMPANY may choose to terminate this Contract at any given time, at its own discretion without any compensation other than the travelling expenses, if PARTICIPANT is in another country other than ………………….. regarding the SHOW or in accordance with COMPANY’s instruction, to ……………….. from the relative location.

Termination of the contract shall not mean in anyway waiving any of the rights such as, but not limited to, requesting a penalty or compensation for the damages that may occur.



PARTICIPANT fully understands and agrees that he or she shall not receive any payment in any form regarding this SHOW from COMPANY or any other 3rd Party, unless specifically instructed by COMPANY to do otherwise. PARTICIPANT shall receive no compensation for the time spent regarding the SHOW and is fully aware that COMPANY shall bear no responsibility for the loss of income, or source of an income because of the time spent for the SHOW or any other production regarding this Contract.



PARTICIPANT shall not make any other appearances on another public media, until three (3) years after the initial broadcast of the last episode of the SHOW (i.e., the last episode of the SHOW as a whole, not as from the last episode or chapter), without the express consent of COMPANY. PARTICIPANT shall not make or imply any unfavorable comment regarding the SHOW.      



If PARTICIPANT doesn’t comply with his or her obligations stated on this contract or its appendixes or cancels the contract, the PARTICIPANT shall pay Ten Thousand American Dollars ($10000) to COMPANY as a penalty in one installment. If the penalty payment does not compensate the damage that COMPANY has borne, PARTICIPANT shall compensate the extra damage that is incurred.



PARTICIPANT agrees that COMPANY’s commercial books, records and any document that is to be issued by COMPANY such as minutes, reports or receipts are considered as conclusive evidence and this clause is a conclusive evidence contract.



Any notification, warning or any document or documents of this nature served to the stated addresses of the Parties will be treated as they’re served to the Parties in the same day, even if the addresses stated are not correct or valid anymore. Parties may change the addresses stated on this Contract with a written notification.

Any disputes that may arise from this contract or its appendices shall, before all else, be attempted to resolve with good faith and negotiations between the parties.

If the Parties cannot solve the dispute with good-faith negotiations, then the disputes shall be resolved by the Courts and Enforcement Offices of Istanbul. The Parties agree that the applied law will be the Turkish Law in any situation.



This Contract is prepared in both English and Turkish languages. In the event of a conflict or confusion, between these two (2) languages, Turkish version of the Contract shall take precedence.



This Contract consists of 18 Articles, 10 Pages, and 2 copies and signed by the Parties on __/__/2013 and Parties, hereby, understand agree that this Contract represents their will and comes into force with the acceptance of both Parties.